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We are a group of people passionate about living healthy through good nutrition and finding natural remedies to sickness and allergies.

The Essential Oil Shield

A great number of influenza strains have become resistant to available medications, making it a priority to develop new ways to treat the annual onslaught of viral infections. Essential Oils (EOs) and their components usually act in numerous steps against the viral life cycle, making resistance against EOs incomplete, perhaps only affecting one or more steps in its life cycle. This makes Essential Oils a prime candidate as a natural remedy to successfully combat such viruses as COVID-19, a/k/a Coronavirus and Influenza.

Health-conscience families want not only to have a Federal health system that is prepared to deal with COVID-19 virus, but also to have a personal plan to prevent and combat the pathogens responsible, before it becomes an emergency. Essential Oils (EOs) have been a well-tried and tested natural remedy for all respiratory ailments throughout history.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018 14:28

Top 10 Essential Oils for Cleaning

Looking for something nontoxic to disinfect your home? Do you want to go green with your household cleaning? Or, are you just tired of spending so much money on cleaning supplies? Well then, essential oils may be the right choice for you! Essential oils are natural and contain no harmful chemicals like most store-bought cleaners that can cause allergies and sickness. Using essential oils for cleaning is smart because many of them are naturally antiviral and antibacterial, and with their natural scents, they freshen up the place while fighting germs too. Many people doubt that you can actually get your house clean without using chemicals so we have put together this list of our favorite essential oils and have even included a recipe to get you going...
Saturday, 25 November 2017 13:28

Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamomum zeylanicum/Cinnamomum verum/Laurus cinnamomum

There are two types of Cinnamon Essential Oil, Cinnamon Bark Oil and Cinnamon Leaf Oil.

This spicy or hot oil blends well with the other spice essential oils like Ginger, Clove, and Cardamon as well as the citrus oils like Orange and Lemon or combine it with a soothing oil like Lavender or Chamomile.

Always use this oil in a diluted state.

Known Uses

Diffusing cinnamon oil, known for its distinctive spicy aroma, is an excellent way to fill your home with a sweet scent. It can be used to freshen up the air and as an energy booster and mood uplifter. It is known to help fight depression and irritability. Cinnamon oil also causes mental and physical alertness by curtailing drowsiness and augmenting brain activity. Many people especially love using cinnamon oil during the fall and winter months to get into the holiday spirit!

Cinnamon oil has many properties that make it useful. It's antibacterial properties and antiviral properties make it a great choice to help clear up coughs, colds, and chest congestion. It is effective in fighting illnesses caused by several strains of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics, like E. coli and Staphylococcus. It also helps prevent viral illnesses like the flu. These same properties make it an effective household disinfectant. Just add a few drops of cinnamon oil to water and spray the wonder-working solution around the home for cleaning in areas like the bathroom, kitchen, and even on doorknobs to inhibit the spread of disease. It's so reassuring knowing that you can disinfect your home naturally with essential oils like cinnamon oil and lemon oil instead of using household cleaners with chemicals. Cinnamon oil's same antibacterial properties also make it an effective treatment for facial acne. Mix with a carrier oil to create your own facial wash.

Cinnamon oil has anti-fungal properties too. Fighting fungi like athlete's foot. It also gets rid of parasites like head lice. Create your own shampoo by adding cinnamon oil to a mixture of water and vinegar to treat this nasty condition. Make sure you are very careful to avoid contact with the eyes, though.

Cinnamon oil also has anti-inflammatory properties that aid in blood flow. It helps to open up blood vessels and improve circulation which results in decreased inflammation. It can be a beneficial oil for those who have had heart attacks or strokes, as well as used to prevent heart attacks. These same properties also makes it a remedy for headaches and other muscle aches. Inhale or diffuse cinnamon oil for wonderful headache relief or add a drop to a carrier oil like coconut oil and rub on sore muscles and joints, or even use it to soothe menstrual cramping.

Cinnamon oil helps to regulate blood sugar levels, helping with energy levels and mood stability. Studies and research show that it is helpful in regulating insulin levels for people with type 2 diabetes. It also helps curb unwanted cravings aiding in loosing weight and burning fat.

If you have an upset stomach, cinnamon oil may help solve your problem. It has a calming effect on the stomach and helps get rid of diarrhea and nausea. It also aids in digestion.

Its distinctive scent makes cinnamon oil an effective insect repellant as well. Roaches, black ants, flies, and mosquitoes do not like its scent and will stay far away wherever it is sprayed. Just add a dab to your clothing or mix with a carrier oil and put it directly on your skin to keep pesky insects at bay when you are outside. It makes having an outdoor gathering, like a picnic, so much more enjoyable.

Lastly, many studies have shown that cinnamon oil contains anti-tumoral and antioxidant properties. This research shows that cinnamon oil may be effective in fighting some types of cancer (especially those associated with the blood) by blocking the growth or multiplication of tumor cells.


Cinnamon has been used as a spice with helpful properties for many, many years. It may be the oldest spice in history. It's been used from flavoring foods to helping with depression to embalming bodies at death. At various times in history, cinnamon has been considered to be extremely valuable, even more valuable than gold.


As with many oils, it is good to test cinnamon oil before widespread use to see if you have a sensitivity to it in any way. It could be irritating to sensitive skin. It should be ingested with extreme caution and under a doctor's supervision as it can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach pain. It is not the same as your household spice. It is much more potent and concentrated which can cause inflammation and irritation to the lining in the stomach and intestines. It is best used in diluted states. Because of its ability to increase blood flow, pregnant and nursing woman should avoid using cinnamon oil as well as people with certain heart conditions or who take certain medications that would counteract with this oil. Avoid using it on sensitive areas of the body like the eyes and mucus membranes.

Friday, 16 March 2018 06:30

Lavender Oil

If you are looking for that one essential oil that is good for almost anything, then look no further than lavender oil. Lavender oil or lavandula angustifolia has a myriad of helpful uses. From household cleaning to personal well being, lavender essential oil is set apart from many other oils because of its many uses and it is the most used essential oil in the world. Lavender oil is a basic oil for every home. Lavender’s fresh, calming scent makes it a perfect addition for soaps, cleaning supplies, perfumes, and cosmetics. In fact, the trash bags we use in my home are often scented with lavender! Lavender oil is used in many cosmetic products, including lotions, skin care products, soaps, and shampoos. You can add a few drops to your own lotions, shampoos, and baths to achieve a wonderful aroma and relaxing effect.
Thursday, 26 October 2017 12:51

Diffuser for Essential Oils

Essential oil diffusers are an amazing addition to any household. They have a myriad of uses, from setting an atmosphere to offering health benefits. A diffuser for essential oils is a must have for those who use essential oils regularly. If you want to have your place smelling nicer, a diffuser can be a great alternative to candles. A diffuser can't catch fire, and you can safely leave it in one room while you are in another, or even leave it on as you sleep. Unlike the more aggressive scent dispensers and candles, you only need to choose a different essential oil to change the scent. You can also use the diffuser to make the bath feel a bit fancier. You may have already come across a recommendation or two about using essential oil diffusers to promote good health, help you sleep better, and to increase your energy. These little gadgets are great for these and more
Tuesday, 03 October 2017 12:41

Essential Oils for Headaches

Stress, allergies, colds, fatigue, hormones... there are so many causes for headaches, and millions of people across the globe suffer from them every day. Essential oils can be an effective remedy for headaches, both the occasional episode to those that are chronic and severe, including migraines. Not only are essential oils effective in bringing relief to those suffering from debilitating headaches, but they are also safe to use without the negative side effects that come with over-the-counter painkillers most commonly used to treat headaches. In addition, painkillers may mask over the pain but they do not deal with the root issues that cause the headaches. On the other hand, essential oils can address headache triggers like stress, inflammation, infection, unbalanced hormones, colds, and more.
Sunday, 20 August 2017 20:05

Essential Oils for Sunburn

Let’s face it; the sun is the center of our solar system, and it’s effects are far-reaching. The powerful rays of the sun can be both beneficial and harmful. Some regular sun exposure is good for your health as it is a source of vitamin D, which helps our bodies absorb calcium and promotes bone growth. But, too much sun exposure can lead to sunburn that can increase the risk of skin cancer and cause early wrinkling of the skin, among other harmful side effects. Even taking all of the precautions we can with sunscreen, clothing, and the shade, sometimes sunburn can still happen, especially if sunblock is not applied thoroughly or if it is not reapplied properly. If too much sun has gotten the best of you, essential oils can help bring relief and healing to your skin.
Tuesday, 01 August 2017 20:57

Essential Oils for Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a common condition today mainly characterized by interrupted sleep patterns due to involuntary relaxation of throat muscles, of the brain not sending correct signals to respiratory muscles. Although the situation may not pose any risk at first, chronic sleep apnea can start affecting a person's performance, emotional stability, and even worse, cause an irregular heartbeat which could lead to stroke or blood clots. You should therefore consider seeking medical assistance if the condition lingers for more than two weeks. Alternatively, you can use essential oils for sleep apnea to help manage the condition. These oils contain properties and compounds that help prevent involuntary throat muscle relaxation.
Sunday, 03 July 2016 00:00

Rocky Mountain Oils Review

Rocky Mountain Oils Review

rocky mountain oils reviewRocky Mountain Oils scored a 25.5 out of a possible 30 points. Each company is given a score based on 6 main qualities and an extra point if they are a Fair Trade company. You can read a full description of our rating system for a more thorough explination. Rocky Mountain Oils is one of the best essential oils companies that we came across and we highly recommend their products.


rocky mountain oils



Rocky Mountain Oils is committed to delivering the highest quality oils and they don't just say those words but prove it with their 100% satisfaction guarantee and back it by providing actual GC/MS test results free of charge through their website. To view the actual GC/MS test for your oil, simply enter the unique batch number found on the bottom of your bottle on their site and see the GC/MS test results. There is no other site we came across that provides this directly through their website.

They are also Guaranteed S.A.A.F.E. which is an acronym that stands for SATISFACTION GUARANTEED, AUTHENTIC, ANALYSIS, FREE OF ADULTERANTS, and EFFECTIVE & PURE. By offering 3rd party testing and sharing those results freely with the public in a way that is easy for people to access, shows that Rocky Mountain Oils is a company with nothing to hide and holds themselves to the highest standards possible because they care and committed to truly providing the highest quality oils. Information on how their oils are distilled can be found for each product while you are shopping.

Their transparency as a company is even reflected in their openly disclosing the truth that there are NO OFFICIAL STANDARDS specified for essential oils products sold in the U.S.A. as many other companies may subtly try to get you to believe. Rocky Mountain Oils has created their own internal standards of quality which involves rigorous testing. Find out more about their STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE 100GSOQ PROTOCOL.

Their return policy reflects this as well with 90 days, full refund and they even cover the shipping. This is unrivaled in the industry. They believe and stand behind their products.


The price is really good for these quality oils but we did not take quality into account when comparing pricing between companies. We simply compared the price for a set amount of ml for 5 different commonly used oils. For this reason RMO comes in at 2.5 out of 5 stars. For household cleaning you may want to use less expensive oils but when it comes to use on your body or for aromatherapy these oils are excellent and well worth the price.


RMO has a great selection of both singles as well as blends. At the time of the writing of this review they have 78 single oils and 60 blends available for purchase through their website.


The website is not only visually attractive but organized nicely and easy to use. Finding what we were looking for was simple and intuitive. It was easy to spot specials as well as starter kits for beginners that had a nice well rounded variety.

Creating an account was simple. When shopping you can add any items in your cart to a wishlist to save for later if you are not ready to process your order right away which is a nice feature.

At any time you can check on the quality of any oil you have ordered from RMO directly on their site by Inputing Your Batch Number located on the bottle. You will see the 3rd party test results giving you confidence when it relates to using RMO oils when it relates to your health. This is an incredible feature that no one else in the industry is doing on their website that we have come across to date.

Access to the educational elements on the site is easy to find and navigate. Shopping is a breeze. Images of the bottles and ingredients with zoom effect on hover as well as access to applications and uses are available on the product page. Verified reviews are also available letting you know what other real people are saying about each product.

The site loads quickly and adapts for different devices so it will look great on your phone, tablet, or desktop. Overall this is a great website with lots of special features that make shopping and learning easy and enjoyable.


They make things very simple for those just starting out by providing a very basic explanation of the essential information you need to know about getting started with essential oils. For those that want more information they have a very well written blog. Also each product contains great educational information directly on the page. They don't overload you with excess information but focus their educational materials on making it simple to understand, quick to read, and easy to digest. You will not be overwhelmed and at the same time you will become very informed.

Customer Service

Phone Support

Our experience with Rocky Mountain Oils (RMO) customer service was great. They were quick to answer when we called and they answered all of our questions and pointed us to useful information. Everyone we spoke with was very knowledgeable and took their time talking with us as if we were their only customer. Even when asking very basic questions that were already answered on the website they were very patient and never made us feel rushed. On a different call asking more detailed and informed questions they were equally helpful and readily able to answer our questions.

Refund Policy

Rocky Mountain Oils has probably the best return policy we have seen online. There is a 90 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 90 DAYS for a FULL REFUND. Products can be returned for any reason, even if opened, for up to 90 days and they even will send you a return shipping label.

What Others Are Saying

People love RMO. There were so many 5 star reviews online it is hard to count. When we came across an occasional negative review it usually had something to do with a person having a problem with ordering on their tablet or phone and many people commenting after that they were not experiencing the same problems so they may want to check their internet connection. RMO staff was quick to respond to negative reviews and offer more than fair solutions ranging from offering to help them process an order by phone or offer full refunds if someone was not happy for any reason. Truly a sign of excellent customer service to be monitoring review sites and responding to their customers.

Have you ordered from Rocky Mountain Oils? Please provide your review below. We would love to know what your experience was.

rocky mountain oils

Thursday, 30 June 2016 20:40

Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger Essential Oil

Zingiber officinale

Ginger Essential Oil blends well with Allspice, citrus oils, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Geranium, and Rosemary Essential Oils. 
It should always be diluted for topical applications, in diffuser or when taken orally.

Known Uses

Aids in digestion and gets rid of toxins, relieves respiratory conditions, treats nausea and vomiting, boosts mood, treats muscle aches and joint pain, improves blood circulation and heart health. Ginger Essential Oil is a warming essential oil that works as an antiseptic, laxative, tonic and stimulant. It is an antiseptic that kills infections that are caused by microorganisms and bacteria. This includes intestinal infections, bacterial dysentery and food poisoning. Ginger Oil is also effective against malaria, a mosquito-borne infectious disease.

Ginger Essential Oil removes mucus from the throat and lungs, and is known to heal the common cold and flu and treat a cough, and acts as a natural remedy for bronchitis and helps with loss of breath. It is also considered a natural remedy for asthma. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces swelling in the lungs and helps open airways.

Zingibai is a component of Ginger Essential Oil that is responsible for the oil’s anti-inflammatory properties. This component provides pain relief and treats muscle aches, arthritis, migraines and works as a headache remedy and provides relief from menstrual cramps, backaches and soreness. It has the power to reduce cholesterol levels and promotes blood clotting. It is able to decrease age-related oxidative stress markers and reduce oxidative damage. It has been found to be effective in treating alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Ginger Essential Oil increases sexual desire; it addresses issues such as impotence and loss of libido. It has also been used to treat emotional problems like fear, abandonment, and lack of self-confidence or motivation.


For over 4,700 years the Chinese and Indians have used ginger medicinally. Ginger was a costly product during the period of the Roman Empire in the first century AD because of its healing properties. It spread across Asia, Africa, Europe and India because of the spice trading business. In the 13th and 14th centuries, the value of a pound of ginger was equivalent to the cost of a sheep! Queen Elizabeth I of England is credited with the invention of the gingerbread man, a well-known Christmas treat. From 1585 on, Jamaican ginger was the first oriental spice to be grown in the New World and imported back to Europe. Today, India is the largest producer of ginger, followed by China, Nepal, Nigeria, Thailand and Indonesia.


Always test for skin sensitivity prior to use. Excessive use of any oil can lead to skin sensitization. Keep out of eyes, ears, or nose. Test different brands carefully, and never use an oil in a way not recommended by its maker.

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