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Rocky Mountain Oils

rocky mountain oilsMany companies say they care about their customers and say they care about the quality of their product but Rocky Mountain Oils takes this to a whole new level. Submitting their product to internal rigorous testing as well as third party testing is just the beginning. They go beyond that by providing their customers instant access to view the actual test report by entering the unique batch number found on the bottom of each bottle. Their 90 day return for any reason policy combined with their monitoring and responding to customer reviews shows their commitment to caring about all aspects of their business.

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rockymountain long

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Mountain Rose Herbs

mountain rose herbsThere are many reasons why we love Mountain Rose Herbs. The quality is superb and the fact that they are committed to Fair Trade made us love them all the more. With most companies you either have to sacrifice quality or price but that is not the case here. With a website that is easy to navigate and adapts to any device and pleanty of resources available to gain a good understanding of how to safely use their products, Mountain Rose Herbs is a company that we are glad to recommend.

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Amoils / Healing Natural Oils

amoils reviewAmoils, also known as Healing Natural Oils is a great company. One of the things we love about their approach is how they focused their product line on health issues that their oil blends benefit. They have named their blends in a way that it is easy to identify what health benefits the product contains. All of their educational materials take this approach and are integrated with their product line seamlessly. They also openly encourage and feature the vast amount of reviews right on the product pages themselves along with easy access to information on how t use their products and what to expect.

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Natural Products for a Wide Range of Conditions

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Plant Therapy

plant therapy reviewOne of the things that sets Plant Therapy apart for the other companies is their focus on safety. They developed a kid safe line which can be a great comfort to parents wanting to make sure they are using the right kinds of oils and amounts with their little ones. Their commitment to growing their organic certified selection and also to 3rd party testing gives us confindence in recommending Plant Therapy. 

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Plant Therapy Essential Oils

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Featured Essential Oils

Lavender Oil

Lavender essential oil is so widely used because of the incredible properties it possesses. It is very commonly used in products that you buy at the grocery store in cosmetics, and soaps. You probably have products using this oil in your home right now and may not even know it. The trash bags we use in our home are often scented with lavender and vanilla. Lavender oil is a main ingredient in most mosquito repellents. Lavender oil is effective in relieving tension headaches which in and of itself is a reason to have this oil as a part of your home remedy kit. If you have headaches regularly and you don't want to constantly be taking pain medicine then finding a natural way to alleviate your headachaes is a real game changer. It can also be used for healing damaged skin and it’s calming sedative properties help improve sleep and combat insomnia. You can put it in a diffuser for essential oil in the evenings to bring a calm and relaxing enviornment in your room that will help usher you into getting a peaceful nights sleep. There are many other uses that you can learn about on our recent blog article on lavender oil. The article dives deeper into some of our favorite uses. You can also check out our Essential Oils Directory entry which has information on the history, known uses and warnings when using Lavender Essential Oil. Another good source of information on this oil can be found on this wikipedia article.



Stay tuned for more reviews and keep learning. There are so many great uses and ways these oils can help benefit your health. Dr. Axe has some great information and videos available on this subject. We feature a different video every so often that we feel is of interest to our readers. This video on How to Naturally Balance Your Hormones with Essential Oils is worth watching.

You can also learn more by reading about essential oils on wikipedia