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We write about everything related to essential oils, their uses, where to buy them, what to look out for, user's experiences. This is your essential guide to essential oils.

The Essential Oil Shield

A great number of influenza strains have become resistant to available medications, making it a priority to develop new ways to treat the annual onslaught of viral infections. Essential Oils (EOs) and their components usually act in numerous steps against the viral life cycle, making resistance against EOs incomplete, perhaps only affecting one or more steps in its life cycle. This makes Essential Oils a prime candidate as a natural remedy to successfully combat such viruses as COVID-19, a/k/a Coronavirus and Influenza.

Health-conscience families want not only to have a Federal health system that is prepared to deal with COVID-19 virus, but also to have a personal plan to prevent and combat the pathogens responsible, before it becomes an emergency. Essential Oils (EOs) have been a well-tried and tested natural remedy for all respiratory ailments throughout history.

Pain and inflammation can be disruptive and problematic--ask anyone who has arthritis. But, drugs are not the answer. Be do not want to suffer, nor do you want to lose your ability to function while your body is being damaged. I believe essential oils for inflammation and pain can be more effective than drugs and can target constant and occasional bouts of pain.

Pain relievers can be dangerous (R):

  • cause death
  • damage the gut/liver/kidneys
  • result in serious side effects

Read more about the dangers of opioid abuse here.

Let’s take a look at thyroid problems and how they are affecting many Americans:

If you are experiencing some of the following nagging symptoms, you may be one of about 80% of Americans unaware that their thyroid is not working correctly: issues with an inability to lose weight, mood, inflammation, hair loss, bad nails, digestion problems, brain fog and low energy. You may have one or more of these symptoms even though you have not been diagnosed with a thyroid problem.Using essential oils for healthy thyroid function is a natural way to support your thyroid and help eliminate the cause of these symptoms. Almost half of the people with thyroid issues are not clinically diagnosed, learn more here. Women over 35 are the most commonly affected group. If you are struggling with unwanted symptoms of thyroid problems there are answers.

Looking for something nontoxic to disinfect your home? Do you want to go green with your household cleaning? Or, are you just tired of spending so much money on cleaning supplies? Well then, essential oils may be the right choice for you! Essential oils are natural and contain no harmful chemicals like most store-bought cleaners that can cause allergies and sickness. Using essential oils for cleaning is smart because many of them are naturally antiviral and antibacterial, and with their natural scents, they freshen up the place while fighting germs too. Many people doubt that you can actually get your house clean without using chemicals so we have put together this list of our favorite essential oils and have even included a recipe to get you going...
If you are looking for that one essential oil that is good for almost anything, then look no further than lavender oil. Lavender oil or lavandula angustifolia has a myriad of helpful uses. From household cleaning to personal well being, lavender essential oil is set apart from many other oils because of its many uses and it is the most used essential oil in the world. Lavender oil is a basic oil for every home. Lavender’s fresh, calming scent makes it a perfect addition for soaps, cleaning supplies, perfumes, and cosmetics. In fact, the trash bags we use in my home are often scented with lavender! Lavender oil is used in many cosmetic products, including lotions, skin care products, soaps, and shampoos. You can add a few drops to your own lotions, shampoos, and baths to achieve a wonderful aroma and relaxing effect.

Essential oil diffusers are an amazing addition to any household. They have a myriad of uses, from setting an atmosphere to offering health benefits. A diffuser for essential oils is a must have for those who use essential oils regularly. If you want to have your place smelling nicer, a diffuser can be a great alternative to candles. A diffuser can't catch fire, and you can safely leave it in one room while you are in another, or even leave it on as you sleep. Unlike the more aggressive scent dispensers and candles, you only need to choose a different essential oil to change the scent. You can also use the diffuser to make the bath feel a bit fancier. You may have already come across a recommendation or two about using essential oil diffusers to promote good health, help you sleep better, and to increase your energy. These little gadgets are great for these and more
Stress, allergies, colds, fatigue, hormones... there are so many causes for headaches, and millions of people across the globe suffer from them every day. Essential oils can be an effective remedy for headaches, both the occasional episode to those that are chronic and severe, including migraines. Not only are essential oils effective in bringing relief to those suffering from debilitating headaches, but they are also safe to use without the negative side effects that come with over-the-counter painkillers most commonly used to treat headaches. In addition, painkillers may mask over the pain but they do not deal with the root issues that cause the headaches. On the other hand, essential oils can address headache triggers like stress, inflammation, infection, unbalanced hormones, colds, and more.
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