About Essential Oils Review

They are all the craze these days, and there's a good reason why. Because they work! Essential oils are used to fragrance soaps, perfumes, cleaning products, and more. But, what many are discovering is that they can also contain healing properties for various ailments from skin rashes to allergies to insomnia. It is important to evaluate anything that you take into your body whether it be what you eat, what you breathe through your lungs, or absorb through your skin. Not all essential oils are the same nor are the companies that sell them. Understanding where a plant was harvested, how an oil was extracted, precautions, best practices, and suggestions from others based on their experiences are all important considerations. Our hope is to provide the best resource online for choosing where to buy essential oils, their suggested uses, saftey precautions, and overall education. 

We welcome feedback and really want to hear from you. What was your experience purchasing from these companies and using the many different oils and blends on the market today. By sharing your experience with us you are a part of the community creating a better resource for everyone to benefit.

How we rate companies that sell essential oils

We've chosen to rate various essential oils companies based on a system that covers six main areas of interest: Quality, Price, Customer Service, Variety of Selection, Education, and Website Functionality and Ease of use. We realize that different things are important to different people so we have chosen to give seperate ratings for each category as opposed to an overall rating. It is difficult to evaluate price when it comes to the oils themselves because quality often determines price. We chose to take a strict approach to the price category based on the quantity of oil and the price as opposed to evaluating the quality for the price. Our recommendation is always to buy the highest quality and purest undiluted essential oils which will appear to cost more but in actuality may not when you take into account oils that have been diluted or not harvested or extracted properly. 


Are the oils pure? If the oils are pure, there will be no additives, and they will also be harvested from plants that have not been sprayed with chemicals/pesticides and have not be genetically altered. Are the oils potent? If the oils are potent and effective, they will be processed according the the highest standards for that particular plant.


We chose to simply compare the prices per quantity for five popular essential oils for each company: lavender, peppermint oil, oregano oil, lemongrass, and tea tree oil.

Variety of Selection

How many single oils does the company offer? Are they organic? How many blends do they sell?

Customer Service

What is the company's return policy? What are the shipping costs and time? What is the response time to phone calls and emails? What are others on the internet saying about the company's customer service? 


Is there information on the company's website about the essential oils? How are they used? What are they good for? What is the history of using essential oils?

Website Functionality & Ease of Use

Is the ordering process smooth and clear? Is it easy to find the oils you are looking for? Is the site organized well?