Boldo Essential Oil

Peumus boldus Molina or Boldu boldus

It is important to understand that Boldo Essential Oil is not a home remedy in spite of the ‘Known Uses’ discussed below. It should only be used under the strict supervision of a health care professional. It is highly toxic and a slight overdose can have very serious consequences. It is never used in aromatherapy.

Known Uses

As a narcotic, Boldo Essential Oil has powerful effects on the nervous system. In very small doses, it can induce tranquilizing effects on the nerves. In slightly higher doses, it can cause nausea, nervous afflictions, convulsions and even coma. It also has a stimulating effect on the brain and blood circulation. It increases circulation and the rate of respiration. It also stimulates discharges from the gall bladder, liver, spleen and endocrine glands, such as hormones and enzymes.

Boldo Essential Oil is very efficient in calming inflammation and due to its highly toxic nature, is extremely effective as an anti-microbial agent against bacteria, fungi, protozoa, or virus. It can be used to protect wounds against sepsis and tetanus. It is particularly effective in treating digestive disorders that are caused by microbes, such as indigestion, vomiting, dysentery, and food poisoning. Boldo Essential Oil also brings corrective action on gallstones, infections in the colon, urinary tracts, intestines, excretory organs, and kidneys.

Boldo Oil increases the secretion of bile from the liver, helping to maintain the balance of acid in the stomach. It stimulates blood circulation and gives relief from rheumatism and arthritis. As a narcotic, it reduces the sensation of pain in the affected parts of the body.

Being toxic in nature, this oil kills both roundworms and tapeworms and their eggs. It can also counteract hookworms. It makes an efficient insecticide to get rid of parasites, such as lice, mosquitoes, bedbugs, and flies.


This herb, commonly known as Boldo, is native to South America and is commonly found in countries like Chile, Peru, and Bolivia. Boldo Oil's toxicity is due to ascaridole and the oil is considered harmful to the human body even when used in very small doses.


Even in very small doses, Boldo Essential Oil is highly toxic and can produce symptoms of toxicity and convulsions in some individuals. In higher doses, it can result in a coma. It is not used in aromatherapy and should never be used as a home remedy. It should be used internally only under the strict supervision of a health care professional. It should never be used during pregnancy.