Birch Essential Oil

Betula Pendula/Betula Lenta

Birch Oil blends well with Benzoin, Sandalwood, Rosemary and Jasmine Essential Oils.

There are two types of birch, the White Birch or Silver Birch, which is scientifically known as Betula Pendula, and the Black Birch, Sweet Birch, or Cherry Birch whose scientific name is Betula Lenta.

Birch Essential Oil is a rare and hard to produce oil. It's difficult to find a quality supplier since many companies offer Birch Essential Oil only seasonally and in very limited quantities, or it will be diluted or of weaker potency.

Known Uses

The two most important components of Birch Essential Oil – Salicylic Acid and Methyl Salicate – protect the skin from both bacterial and fungal infections, as they are two well-known germicides and bactericides in the world of medicine. These two components effectively combat eczema, ringworm, and other skin diseases and infections. As an astringent, Birch Essential Oil strengthens the gums and hair, tightens muscles and tones the skin. Even in low-dose topical applications, it effectively reduces wrinkles and sagging of the skin.

Birch Essential Oil stimulates the nervous, circulatory, digestive and excretory systems. It is helpful in treating diseases associated with improper circulation such as edema (swelling), rheumatism, and arthritis. It also removes toxins from the body, which are the root causes of these circulatory diseases. Birch Oil stimulates the endocrine glands that result in added secretions of enzymes and essential hormones.

Birch Essential Oil helps reduce fever by promoting perspiration, which also helps in the removal of toxins from the body. It relieves cramping and reduces pain in the joints and muscles, as well as the pain of headaches and toothaches. It further acts as a diuretic to increase urination and perspiration, which removes toxins like uric acid, aids in weight loss, promotes digestion, cleanses the kidneys and lowers blood pressure.


Formerly called Betula Alba, the Birch tree came from the northern part of India, especially in the cold and temperate climates. It has been used as a medicinal plant since ancient times. It is called ‘bhurja’ in Sanskrit, which means ‘a tree whose bark is used for writing upon’, and a few sources state that this name is from the Sanskrit word ‘bhura’, which means ‘shining tree’.

Of cultural importance, the Birch tree is the National tree of Russia and Finland. The Birch tree resists all kinds of adverse soil and climatic conditions and its bark has been used for construction, writing and medicinal applications.


Avoid Birch Essential Oil if you have a history of seizures or are allergic to methyl salicylate. Keep out of eyes, ears, or nose. Birch (Betula Lenta) Oil can be toxic and cause skin irritations. Dilute with a carrier oil to test patch for skin sensitivity or allergic reaction. Pregnant women should avoid Birch Oil due to its powerful effects that could harm an unborn child.