Dr. Brad Gorski

Dr. Brad Gorski

Dr. Brad Gorski is the founder of Gorski Health Solutions and Elite Family Chiropractic. Dr. Gorski has a passion to help others eliminate autoimmunity to discover Turned On Living. Everybody wants a disease free life full or energy and vitality. Unfortunately for many people with autoimmunity they will suffer with symptoms for 15-20 years before they will get answers. Dr. Gorski understands, his “near fatal” autoimmune disease lead him to a system of natural solutions that is impacting those across the country.

Dr. Gorski has also been a physician for many professional athletes and worked with the United States Wrestling and Judo teams. Dr. Gorski has written his own nutrition programs, taught hundreds of one-on-one workshops throughout the Charleston area on health and nutrition, and won South Carolina Top Ten Chiropractor award in 2016 & 2017. He has been a radio host for the past 8 years, and has been featured on ABC, Fox, and CBS.

Dr. Gorski completed his undergraduate studies at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, MI he received his Doctorate from Palmer College in Davenport, IA and has a doctorate of pastoral science. His clinic serves people locally in Charleston, SC and those across the country with his Turned On Living program. For more information, please visit drbradgorski.com.

Pain and inflammation can be disruptive and problematic--ask anyone who has arthritis. But, drugs are not the answer. Be honest...you do not want to suffer, nor do you want to lose your ability to function while your body is being damaged. I believe essential oils for inflammation and pain can be more effective than drugs and can target constant and occasional bouts of pain.

Pain relievers can be dangerous (R):

  • cause death
  • damage the gut/liver/kidneys
  • result in serious side effects

Read more about the dangers of opioid abuse here.

Let’s take a look at thyroid problems and how they are affecting many Americans:

If you are experiencing some of the following nagging symptoms, you may be one of about 80% of Americans unaware that their thyroid is not working correctly: issues with an inability to lose weight, mood, inflammation, hair loss, bad nails, digestion problems, brain fog and low energy. You may have one or more of these symptoms even though you have not been diagnosed with a thyroid problem.Using essential oils for healthy thyroid function is a natural way to support your thyroid and help eliminate the cause of these symptoms. Almost half of the people with thyroid issues are not clinically diagnosed, learn more here. Women over 35 are the most commonly affected group. If you are struggling with unwanted symptoms of thyroid problems there are answers.