Rose Essential Oil

Rosa damascena has its origins in the Middle East or Central Asia.

Diffuse or apply directly in diluted form.

Known Uses

Rose oil is used in fighting depression as it has the ability to increase confidence and self-worth. It is known to reduce fever and inflammation by calming the body. It is antispasmodic, helping with convulsions and muscle spasms and is antiviral, shielding against various viruses.

The oil of the rose flower acts as an aphrodisiac arousing romantic feelings and reducing sexual difficulties and disinterest. Rose oil helps regulate menstruation and eases cramping and fatigue associated with PMS. It speeds up clogging and coagulation of the blood, helping with hemorrhaging as well as stopping bleeding from cuts and wounds.

Rose essential oil is an effective laxative with no negative side effects. It is also beneficial to the digestive system through the promotion of the flow of bile and regulation of stomach acids.


"Rose" comes from the Greek word for red, which is believed to have been the color of the ancient rose. A 10th century Persian physician, Anicenna, distilled the rose and a rose distillery was present in Persia in the 1600s.
It has been used throughout the ages as a symbol of love and romance as its beauty and fragrance evoking pleasant emotions and a sense of well being.


Not for internal use. If used in high concentrations, it can cause headaches. It should not be used while pregnant.

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