Fennel Essential Oil

Foeniculum Vulgare

Fennel Essential Oil blends well with Basil, Geranium, Lavender, Lemon, Rosemary, and Sandalwood essential oils for aromatherapy.

Known Uses

Fennel Essential Oil has a relaxing effect on nerves, muscles, intestines and the respiratory system and pacifies spasmodic attacks, giving quick relief from contractions in the respiratory tract, intestines, muscles, or nerves. Will relieve continuous coughing, hiccups, acute pain in the intestines, cramps, muscle pulls, convulsions, or epileptic attacks. It has also proven to be an effective expectorant, removing mucus and phlegm due to cold and viral infections. It is particularly effective in treating frequent or chronic coughs.

Fennel Oil can protect wounds or surgical sites from becoming septic or getting infected with tetanus. It makes gases escape from the intestines, relieves indigestion, restlessness, pain in the abdomen, stomach, and chest, as well as lessening hypertension. It also prevents bloating and is a good laxative that benefits those with chronic or acute constipation. Fennel Essential Oil can bring regularity to menstruation, and relieve other menstrual problems such as headaches, pain in the abdomen, dizziness, and mood swings. It also helps to prevent untimely or premature menopause. It purifies the blood, helping the blood empty itself of urea, uric acid and unwanted hormones. It also balances the sodium level in the blood. Fennel Oil reduces obesity, wrinkles on the skin, and can be used to treat insect bites, colic, nausea, vomiting, anorexia, hiccups, dyspepsia, rheumatism and excess cellulite.

Fennel Oil kills intestinal worms and their spores in the excretory tract. It increases the frequency and quantity of urine, removing excess water, sodium, uric acid, bile salts and other toxic elements; lowers blood pressure, cleanses the kidneys and reduces fat. Fennel Oil is believed to stimulate the brain, nervous system, endocrine and exocrine glands, digestive system and excretory system. This stimulating effect also helps to overcome fatigue, dizziness and depression.

For lactating mothers Fennel Oil can increase the amount of milk produced by boosting production of estrogen. This benefits the baby as well as the mother. This milk protects the baby from flatulence, indigestion and gas, which are very common in infants.

Fennel Oil helps keep the stomach healthy, maintains the normal function of all digestive secretions. It also protects the stomach from infections and ulcers. It also helps to maintain the spleen and protects it from various infections. Used as a tonic, it facilitates the absorption of nutrients in the body, thereby increasing strength and boosting immunity.


Fennel was a very popular herb with the ancient Chinese, Egyptians and Romans. They believed it gave longevity, courage and strength to the user. They used it to strengthen eyesight, to heal snakebites and colic and to rid dogs of fleas. In Medieval times it was known as “Fenkle”.


Trans Anethole, a component of Fennel Essential Oil, boosts the production of the estrogen hormone. Although this is beneficial for lactating mothers, it is harmful for pregnant women and women with breast or uterine cancer or tumors, since excess estrogen is thought to be the main cause of those cancers. In heavy doses, it may have a narcotic effect and can result in convulsions, hallucinations and mental imbalance. People suffering from epilepsy or with a history of that condition should avoid using Fennel Essential Oil.

Excessive use of any oil can lead to skin sensitization. Keep out of eyes, ears, or nose. Test different brands carefully, and never use an oil in a way not recommended by its maker. If you are not suffering from swelling or accumulation of water in the body, then you should drink more water when taking Fennel Oil, since very frequent urination can cause dehydration.