Coffee Essential Oil

Coffea arabica L

Known Uses

Coffee essential oil is used to alleviate disorders of the nervous system, such as stress, anxiety, and depression. The stimulating fragrance of this oil works as an effective anti-depressant, promotes mental alertness and uplifts mood. It is said to improve concentration and focus. High amounts of vitamin E, fatty acids, sterols, and antioxidants in the coffee essential oil provide protection from sunburn, DNA degradation, and damaging free radical activity associated with photo-aging. Applying this oil topically will enhance the production of collagen to produce soft skin and prevent the formation of wrinkles, rough skin, and crow’s feet and can prevent the appearance of cellulite on the skin. The antioxidant properties of coffee essential oil can also improve immunity to various infections and ailments. Several medical studies reveal that this oil also can enhance the functioning of your liver and minimize the risk of liver disease. Coffee essential oil is also used to treat stuffy nose, nasal and chest congestion and promotes all-around healthy respiratory function. The fragrance of this oil uplifts mood and increases the urge to eat. It also alleviates the feeling of nausea and can relieve muscle pain and helps heal insect bites. It is used in salons for hair to be strong and healthy.


The use of the coffee bean can be traced to Ethiopia where the first coffee trees originated, and to ancient Arabia. In Africa, battle-weary warriors would add crushed coffee beans to their meat in order to rejuvenate themselves before returning to war. In the 18th century, A French Army Captain on his way to the island of Martinique brought a shrub from King Louis XIV’s personal coffee tree. Decades later, there were nearly 20 million coffee trees growing on the island of Martinique. Between the 11th and 17th centuries, the coffee bean spread throughout the world like a wild fire. Before to being consumed as a hot beverage, coffee was used as a food, wine and medicine. In Latin America, the leaves are utilized in baths to alleviate muscle and joint pain. The leaves are also applied as a poultice and placed on painful areas


Do not use Coffe Essential Oil if you are pregnant. Heart palpitations are also a side effect for some people.