Clary Sage Essential Oil

Salvia sclarea is native to Europe, Northern Africa, and Central Asia.

Use in a diffuser, apply directly or dilute with a carrier oil.

Known Uses

Clary Sage essential oil, also known as Muscatel Oil, is mostly known for its benefits for eyes and vision. It cleanses the eye and combats the adverse effects of aging in the eyes.

It is effective in combatting depression by instilling a sense of hope, joy, pleasure, euphoria and confidence as well as through calming nerves. It can help you relax and get a good night's sleep.

Clary Sage is effective in curing bacterial infections, particularly those found in the colon, intestines and other parts of the excretory system.

It is an aphrodisiac stimulating libido and increasing testosterone levels.

It functions as an astringent and antioxidant toning skin, hair and gums. It also can heal rashes and inflammation of the skin. Clary Sage oil helps eliminate excess gas very quickly and regulates a woman's menstrual cycle. It helps with the pains and troubles associated with menestration and menopause.

It reduces convulsions, including those caused by epilepsy, as well as muscle spasms. It also reduces blood pressure, decreasing the risk for heart attacks and strokes. And, it aids in digestion and the regulation of stomach health.


Medicinal use of clary sage goes as far back as the first century and even earlier. Its uses are mentioned in the writing of Pliny the Elder (1st century), an author and naturalist of Ancient Rome. Theophrastus of Ancient Greece, considered by many as the father of botany, documents the plants uses as well.


May cause skin irritation. Dilution is recommended especially for use in sensitive areas such as the face, neck, and genital area, as well as to avoid headaches and its intoxicating effects. For the same reason, avoid use with alcohol and while driving. It is not recommended for use if pregnant or nursing and do not use on infants and very small children.